It's even worse than it appears.
When an idea is right it snaps into your mind like it always was there.#
In the Supreme Court I love how they talk about the president's massive todo list. This president just eats, farts, watches tv, and throws his poop at the wall.#
There was a kerfuffle in the RSS world yesterday when it appeared that Apple wanted aggregator developers to get written permission from sites whose feeds they include as defaults. It appears this was an error, or Apple changed their mind. Also, I love the word kerfuffle. Surprisingly, it's not the first time I've used it, according to Google. I'm surprised. But it appears to be the first time in 13 years. #
As you watch Fauci today imagine if he were on every day. Maybe it's because I'm a former entrepreneur that I see tons of ways to do this. Biden, for example, could give Fauci a pulpit. I've tried this idea out of people inside the Democratic Party, they say this just isn't done. And that's a reason not to do something? Bill Gates could do it. He's entrepreneurial. It doesn't have to be Fauci himself, any affable avuncular scientist who tells the truth. As Trump fades into oblivion we should fill the airwaves with facts. That's a good way to save my life. ๐Ÿ˜‡#
  • I use my kitchen Alexa only to listen to WNYC. #
  • Usually I say Alexa WNYC and it works.#
  • Now I have to say it slowly and loudly, being sure thereโ€™s no other sound. It takes 3 or more tries.#
  • It's getting worse.#
  • But when I say Alexa stop it works every time.#
  • What's wrong?#

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