It's even worse than it appears.
A 20-minute rambling podcast with two simple ideas for journalism: 1. The customer is always right. 2. Let me show you how to make it easy for me to give you money.#
In news everything is a race between two political parties. The reds and the blues. There are other perspectives, for example I have the perspective of a citizen: voter, taxpayer, juror, soldier (according to the president), and now -- possibly infected, transmitting, part of a death toll. Yesterday's testimony by Rick Bright wasn't just a scandal, as much of journalism characterized it, it was also a clear statement that the US government isn't doing anything to save my life. That should have been the headline. We are being rolled over by a killer. No one is driving the bus. #
Perspective is everything. I'd love to see just one publication adopt the perspective of the people even if just for a little while. Do something shocking. Report from the perspective of the voter, taxpayer, governed. Always say what the news means to us.#
Ref the famous question from CBS reporter Weijia Jiang asking Trump why make the amount of testing a competition, well -- please ask the same question of journalism. It's only a horse race if you choose to view it that way. Sometimes there are other more important perspectives (see above). #
Trump's promise about the vaccine recalls promises about his tax returns. The end of the year is also after the election. At that point, either way, he'll have no need to follow-through on this, as with the tax returns. He'll say he never thought there was going to be a vaccine.#
I wish Metacritic reviews were available directly from program listings on Netflix and Amazon. #
New header image on my blog home page, a snapshot from the Olana webcam, overlooking the Hudson River. #
  • Thinking out loud. #
  • What if instead of plastic separating people in casinos, modify how air circulates. Air enters in the ceiling and exits through the floor. Strong enough so any bits of virus going horizontal are swept up in the down-current. #
  • Poker in the age of Covid-19?#

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