It's even worse than it appears.
I was talking with an old software developer friend Don Park yesterday. First project we did together was in 1988. He did a Mac INIT that enabled interprocess communication. It was part of the foundation we built Frontier on. We got around to JavaScript and he said I should make packages anyone can use. I said Don I do! No one knows about them, he said. Yeah, but I tell them. Heh. Maybe I should be doing PR. Finding the bloggers who are most influential about new packages that make JavaScript developers lives' easier and more interesting. Anyway, to start, I sent Don a pointer to my davefeedread package. It's a Node package that makes it easy and fast to read a feed. Any flavor of RSS or Atom. GIve it a URL and it calls back with a JavaScript object for the whole feed. Includes a simple example, sort of a Hello World of feed reading. What you do from there is up to your imagination. It's the easiest way to read a feed in Node. A good place to start. 💥 #
This little bird has been attacking a window in my house for hours. #

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