It's even worse than it appears.
New Biden ad. It's true. Trump is a deer caught in the headlights. A president who can't handle a crisis is no president at all. #
As I wrote yesterday I really liked Season 2 of Homecoming. I noted that it's based on a podcast from Gimlet of the same name. I've started to listen to that. It's also very good. I like the whole thing. I think finally I'm going to have to re-watch Season 1 on Amazon, to complete the experience. #
So what a nice feeling that a podcast started all that. I can't recall any pundit saying Podcasting is really great. It's made my life so much better. Hooray for podcasting, or something like that. All they write about is how it's going to die, as if they have a clue.#
Podcasting: An always-renewing and expanding explosion of creativity and utility. Because people have something to say.#
In The Atlantic Tom Nichols writes that Trump is not a manly president. I don't particularly care for that approach, I think honor and modesty are traits that should apply regardless of gender. We have the president we deserve. We're the country that went to war without a draft, whose citizens got tax cuts while at war, whose citizens expect more of that, to us it's never enough. We expect to be able to inflict chaos around the world and somehow never to be touched by it ourselves. That's why people are out partying with abandon this weekend. They can't imagine they can pay a price. There's a reason Vietnam is responding to the virus so incredibly well and we're responding so poorly. They remember fighting for their independence. To us, independence is a birth right. A distant memory that's become perverted. We have to fight for it again. The virus is giving us that chance. We can't get out of the pandemic until we grow up as individuals and collectively. Trump is the right president for who we are. We won't get a better one until we deserve a better one. #
Can we stop pretending Trump is fit to be president? Admitting that, and incorporating it into public discourse, is on the road to moving beyond Trump. #

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