It's even worse than it appears.
Bug fix release of LO2. For a new user, one who has never logged onto LO2 before, there was a problem with the initialization code that creates your first outline. It's possible that you would get a blank screen instead of a new outline. Not a very good user experience. It should be fixed now. If you had previously tried to create an account and failed, it might be a good time to try again. If it works. please let me know. #
Who could blame Twitter now if they deleted Trump's account.#
I got lots of good suggestions for yesterday's prior art search, but no one had advice on getting iPhone to update. And then the problem got even worse. As I was about to go out for my afternoon ride, my iPhone informed me that it had disabled Bluetooth for everything but my AppleWatch. No explanation of why it decided to do this. On my way out, with no music or podcasts to fill my mind, I thought how ridiculous it was that I had spent over $1000 on this device and I still don't own it. Apple says "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that." They should change the name of the company to Hal. #
  • I was an entrepreneur in my youth. #
  • I've never stopped thinking like one. #
  • Journalism needs to be entrepreneurial. And that means taking risks. And challenging your assumptions. #
  • There seems to be a resolution that "micropayments" don't work.#
  • I don't like the term either, because I was thinking of giving them large amounts of money. I like to splurge. I like making impulse purchases. I like voting with dollars, but...#
  • As a user, I don't trust subscriptions. It's incredibly hard to change your mind. How many times have you found out that you have to jump through endless hoops to cancel a subscription. #
  • A subscription is a commitment. #
  • I want to date before we get married. #
  • Anyway, every time I try to start a discussion about this, the users agree, and the journalists that show up tell me why they don't have to to listen to scum like me. It really feels like that. #
  • They have to take chances. That's the way of business. And money and business are kind of the same thing. #
  • The biggest chance they have to take is recognizing that their users are sentient and smart and are good people who they are not treating very well. #
  • PS: This started as an email to my friend Jeff Jarvis, but I could hear myself saying -- why are you saying this just to him, say it to the world. #

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