It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday June 2, 2020; 10:32 AM EDT
  • The lights were out in the White House while the president hunkered in the bunker freaked out and humiliated. His enemy comes into focus, it's the people out there, complaining, again, like everyone else. They can't see how smart he is. He's got to do something about this. His speech on Saturday welcoming a new wave of space exploration didn't replace the protests as the top story. Alone in the dark White House, ignored, he hatched a plan to get the spotlight back on him.#
  • One of his aides had discovered that he could order the military into DC, due to a loophole in some law, so he was going to use that to bust out of the bunker, and get back in charge. I'll show him (er them) he said to himself (the him he was referring to was his long-dead father). I'll bring in the military and have them do something spectacular, even better than the Blue Angels flying over the cities to get all their attention (another of his spectacular plans that didn't win him the adulation he feels he deserves). #
  • Timed to perfectly coincide with his speech, like the music playing in Apocyalypse Now or Rocky or Patton, the soldiers, on horseback, zoom in and clear the park for Trump's dramatic escape from the bunker! Super Trump. Accompanied by his sidekicks, The Law (Barr), The Gun (Esper) and The Troop (the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff). Wonder Woman, of course, and the The Boy Wonder (Ivanka and Jared). Should we bring the dogs? Nahh that's too much he thought to himself but accidentally said out loud.#
  • He spent two full days planning it out, like Captain Queeg and the strawberries. He would prove conclusively he was really in charge, even if his father didn't think he was good for anything. #

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