It's even worse than it appears.
Another excellent Republican ad against Trump. #
Trump took something great, the US presidency, and turned it into something small and desperate.#
I’ve found the things I don’t want to hear are the things I most need to hear.#
Not a fool.#
I use my iPhone when I ride my bike, for Cyclemeter and to play a podcast, so it’s not easily available to take pictures. I want a relatively inexpensive phone mainly to use as a camera. There doesn’t seem to be such a thing. I considered getting a regular camera, btw -- but it isn't what I want. I want a small, cheap phone with a decent camera. Update: Michael Lougee suggested an iPod Touch. Starts at $199.#
There shouldn’t be a season for causes. So right now anything other than #blm is off-topic. Until it's knocked off the top rung by a mass killing. Or a #metoo scandal. A climate crisis catastrophe. Or something Trump said (actually that doesn't seem to work anymore, thankfully). The virus is going to break that, because it's not going away, and it kills and disables more people, every day, than anything we've seen, ever. The suffering it causes is off the scale. But we should be able to see the thread that connects all these things. A lack of collective consciousness. An unwillingness to listen. We don't think, we only feel and feelings are easily manipulated.#
A lasting image from the 60s.#
Watching the behavior of American police this last week betrays the theory of a few bad apples. We let the military become the police. Now we live in a police state.#
People say Facebook sucks, and it does, but I just read first person reports on protests, cops, looting in two Silicon Valley towns I used to live in. Palo Alto and Los Gatos. Nothing ever happens in these towns, in my memory. Not true any longer.#
Dear Boston Globe. I can’t read this article because of the paywall. You say I can subscribe for $1 for six months. I’ll pay $1 to read this article. #
A must-read interview with a former CIA officer who became a Savannah cop about what's wrong. "I can’t know everybody in Savannah. But I call everyone my neighbor, because they literally are. And I can’t put my knee on the neck of my neighbor. He might resist arrest. I get that. But you don’t sit for eight minutes with your knee on the neck of your neighbor."#
He just starts kissing them.#
The NY Times sucks worse than Facebook, btw, but I still read it. You do too probably. It’s the people who use Facebook that matter. The company is run by pigs. Not sure what’s redeeming about the NYT. Well they did make RSS possible. But those people are long gone.#
  • The cop was recorded murdering George Floyd. #
  • Can you imagine. We're watching someone murder another person. #
  • There's the body, and there's the murderer.#
  • He looks right at the camera.#
  • The murderer, Derek Chauvin, murdering.#

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