It's even worse than it appears.
Why are white people more receptive to #BLM now? Because with fascism and the virus, and using our minds, we feel disposable too, now. We get it because it’s come home.#
Ben Thompson: "Blogs = still the best representation of the Internet’s promise. Everyone should have a site that they own, not just a social media account (which are great for promoting blog posts)."#
  • I just wrote a JavaScript function that pads a string with a character you supply, to a certain number of places. You call it like this:#
    • pad (8, "0", 4)#
  • It would return:#
    • 0008#
  • It's a useful thing to have around.#
  • Now how would you write it?#
  • I bet you could do it in a single expression. It might be hard to understand, but in a way that's kind of cool. You have to be smart to understand it. #
  • However, as a less spectacular coder, I would write it in eight lines of the most boring code possible. For example, #
    • function pad (val, withchar, ctplaces) {#
      • var s = val.toString ();#
      • while (s.length < ctplaces) {#
        • s = withchar + s;#
        • }#
      • return (s);#
      • }#
  • I can quickly read it and see what it does. I don't have to spend any time thinking about it, so I get on with my project that much more quickly.#
  • Now this might strike you as inefficient. Look at all that code, and the looping. Oy. For fun, write a benchmark script. Call it a million times and see how long it takes. I'm pretty sure you'll see that it's fast enough. #
  • PS: It tooks 0.04 seconds to call pad (8, "0", 4) a million times on my iMac. Here's a screen shot of the code.#
  • PPS: Albert Einstein said "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." #

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