It's even worse than it appears.
The word isn't "defund" -- it's reboot.#
The biggest problem in police in America are the unions. You want to reboot the police? Knock out the unions. Redefine them. Limit their power. Then the voters can pass new laws about police. Until then, anything Congress passes is powerless. Reagan, when he took office, outlawed the Flight Controllers union. So you can do it. No more police unions. Police, you don't like it? You're fired. #
I don't RT Trump and you shouldn't either. But I just read his latest tweet, and I gotta say he's got a lock on the tin-foil-hat wearing base. #
Trump, if he had any competence could have easily made himself indispensable. The virus was the perfect storm. Not only did he blow the initial response, he refused to do anything beyond that. Any other president would have an approval of 99% just for having a pulse.#
For blacks, living in America is like my family living in Germany after the Nazis came back into power, hypothetically, after the war. Not an exact analogy, but close.#
Heard a bit this morning on NPR about Defund The Police. I heard it said if Joe Biden doesn't embrace it his election could be in doubt. That's fucked up. It doesn't mean what it says. It's a really bad slogan, and if he were to say he agrees, it would lose us a lot of votes.#
Defund is not a good word. Whoever came up with the slogan, it may work in City Council meetings, but it isn't a slogan for the presidential election. This needs to be driven by the people, and that's what's happening. The Dems now have all the support needed to make change. Now let's see if they are independent enough to do it. Or are their strings to money too rigid?#
Reporters are like cats and Trump acting insane is their catnip. They love to be distracted, so they don't have to do their job, which is to save our lives.#
Are liberals capable of rage?#
Dear friends. I want to buy a couple of lounge chairs for the patio, to relax in the summer sun. They have to be sturdy and comfortable, but I don't want to spend a huge amount of money. Maybe $300? Do you have any favorites to recommend?#
New Yorkers, this where your tap water comes from.#

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