It's even worse than it appears.
The episode on Reconstruction of Radio Open Source is a must-listen, esp the interview with Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw. I got goosebumps listening to her, and at the end I was fistbumping YES out loud on my bike ride. We are close to breaking through. The pandemic presents a huge opportunity for change that must not be wasted. Working together is required. I say something she didn't, white people will never know what it's like to be black, but we can work together, we must, we will. #
I started to record a voicemail to Om about his recent piece about Dropbox (it's short, you should read it before listening) but I kept going on, so I decided to make it a podcast. 13 minutes. #
Today was the last Cuomo briefing, and the end of the Cuomo podcast. Thanks to Richard Bluestein for doing the audio. Learned a lot from it, and also got to listen to some good leadership. I wonder who's going to fill the void. I hope the Democrats see there's a vacuum, maybe they could get Dr Fauci to do something like what the Governor was doing. Or a former head of the CDC? We need a trusted source of advice and scientific info to keep going. Not just in New York, but around the country, and elsewhere. #
  • Many many years ago I predicted that the US House would be filled with bloggers. I didn't dare predict that the president would be one. I thought it would be a good thing. Little did I know then..#
  • America's blogger-in-chief. #
  • I was very much active in politics when Gil Scott-Heron's 1971 song, The revolution will not be televised, was a hit. I just saw this video where he explains the idea behind it. Back then I liked the song, but it was scary. Maybe that's why I liked it. #
  • The idea of blacks leading a revolution, when the images on TV were of violence and looting, was fear-inspiring. The Black Panthers were fear-inspiring. #
  • This is the kind of image that went with the song, for me. #
  • Look, there's no absolute truth to any of this, only points of view. It was much later in life that I came to see that blacks can be hippies. When I was young as far as I knew only white people smoked pot. Did I ever see a black person smile? Not that I recall. #
  • I remember in 1980 on a beach in Jamaica, the only white person, and feeling really scared. #
  • We've come quite a ways. #
  • I wish I had seen this video a long time ago. Gil Scott-Heron is a friendly artistic dude. I didn't get that way back when. Listening to it many years later, I realize now the song probably wasn't intended for me, a 16-year-old white kid. But it reached people like me, and influenced our thinking, the way we felt about blacks and revolution. But it's not 1971, and it seems we've learned how to listen to each other better. #

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