It's even worse than it appears.
I love fresh cherries. 🍒#
Idea for the WHO: sell individual memberships.#
BTW, I never made software for iOS. I remember clearly when I decided not to. The day they announced the iPhone. I was expecting it to run Mac software. I had a great scripting environment for the Mac. I thought this is it, the perfect platform for me. Then I heard it was going to be nothing like the perfect platform for me. Now, 14 years later, give or take, the big story in tech is that it's an awful platform for developers. Y'all should just read Scripting News. Save a lot of time. 💥#
Reboot journalism: Let the experts speak for themselves. Goodbye view from nowhere. #
Big story: The whole thing, politics, business, health care, journalism, a self-perpetuating mess that’s collapsing.#
If you want to feel good, watch a Dave Chappelle concert, or Stop Making Sense. They both totally rock, in different ways. #
The only reason we’re not in a declared war with Russia is the treason that put Trump in office. What Russia did certainly was an act of war.#
This. This is how you do political advertising. You are watching history here folks. Pay attention. #
A bug in journalism is that it tries to put people in boxes. Your ideas only have value if you have credentials to back them up. This method makes reporters easily replaced by algorithms, and keeps us from hearing the most interesting even eclectic idea stimulating ideas. Of course no one in journalism will hear this because heh I lack the proper credentials. #
Season 3 of Westworld sucked.#
Observation: The US, not just Trump, wants to be distracted from the terror of the virus. Fact: We're so crazy we actually create events to help it spread faster. Action required: Pay more attention to the WHO and less to the antics of the US government.#
The WHO had something to say that we all must hear, but they didn't get much coverage. We were all too busy focusing on Trump's shenanigans, as always. There should be a daily briefing with Dr Fauci, broadcast on all channels, treated as news, I don't care if he has to quit the government to do it. The WHO message is this -- the virus is spinning up to a new level, and it's going to cost us hugely to get it to quiet back down. This has to be said clearly and repeatedly with authority. In America the only one who can do that is Fauci. Without Trump, obviously. Maybe Wolf Blitzer, who clearly has a rapport with Fauci should take a leave from CNN to be his partner in this. #
Before yesterday's rally in Tulsa, TikTok Teens and K-pop fans organized to spam the registration page. So they had 800K signups, with room for only 19K fans. Only 4 million live in Oklahoma. So the numbers were fishy. Even so the Trump campaign hyped them. They seem to have believed them. They must've wanted to. Ethan Zuckerman says it was activism, it was, and it's surprising how well it worked. #
I can't get this song out of my head. "What's so strange when you know that you're a wizard at three? I knew that this was meant to be."#
  • My dad, pictured below, probably around my age now, in Switzerland, having a snack of coffee and pie. My parents went hiking there every summer. They did a lot of traveling earlier in life, all over the world, but in the last couple of decades it was all about Switzerland. #
  • Professor Leon Winer, in his happy place. #

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