It's even worse than it appears.
I had to drive today on the New York State Thruway, south of Albany. It was a long enough drive that I had to stop to use the facilities. I dreaded going into the rest stop. Happy to report that everyone, without exception, was wearing a mask. I had another thought, watching a woman walk her dog in the special area set aside for that. I thought geez if the dog can pee outside.#
I started reading People's History of America. It was just what I was looking for. After this, I want to read the equivalent book about the Jews in Europe. I have very little idea what that was about other than it was rough and didn't end well. ;-) #
Trillions will be spent by the US government in coming months to keep the country from crumbling. Do we use the money for big change, or do we settle for symbolic victories with most of the money going to the 1%. PS: IMHO the protests are a good sign.#
  • Here's what's going on with Trump.#
    • He asked his staff to cut down on the testing.#
    • They said you crazy man, you fuck off. #
    • He says publicly they cut down on testing.#
    • He shows the staff who's boss.#
    • Jake Tapper just can't figure it out.#
    • Nothing changes with testing.#
  • I want an E-Z Pass for news. #
  • Not micropayments. Tolls instead of paywalls. #
  • If I don't have an E-Z Pass, no access. If I do, it's seamless.#
  • Suppose one month I spend $84 to read stories on The Atlantic. They can make me an offer to subscribe. Look dude, you're wasting money. Let us help you.#
  • That's a lot nicer than -- hey asshole you can't read this article unless you subscribe. #
  • This is called marketing. A little romance with your sales pitch. 🌻#
  • What Trump's depravity has done to America (so far) in one graph.#
  • Two different pandemics.#

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