It's even worse than it appears.
I'm reading Lies My Teacher Told Me. Chapter 2 is a real eye-opener. How the story of Columbus is told, how it's designed to serve a purpose, all from the perspective of Europeans. You might think, of course it is, this is the US, but a lot of the people who are taught that history are not descended primarily from Europeans. So it isn't their history. #
Trump is our enemy. I've been tweeting this the last few hours, attached to evidence. We're all in thrall with him, not just his base. We're in Jonestown. Covid is the Kool Aid. #
Last night on MSNBC they just now started talking about how Puerto Rico was the canary in the coalmine. That should have been topic #1 as it was happening. Moderator, ask your pundit, geez if he'll leave Puerto Rico to die, do you think he'll care whether we live or die? And then wonder what if we get hit by a calamity that isn't local, that affects the whole world. Why do they leave the tough questions on the table until it's too late. The point of the canary is to pay attention when the canary dies. When you're about to die, it's too late. It's so repetitious, they say the same things over and over, for weeks and months. Yet all the important questions, the obvious ones, go unasked. #
Trump has a loyalty problem. #
Every election there's a new contributor that makes the process more tolerable for die-hards like me. Previously it was FiveThirtyEight, then there was the Daily podcast. And this time around, no doubt about it, it's the Lincoln Project.#
Every so often you see an article that says men are responsible for all the problems of the world. I don't comment on them very often, I've learned that's a good way to get the online equivalent of a kick in the balls. People can believe what they want, but every man had a mother, I'm fond of saying, and if men are fucked up as a gender, well you made us the way we are, ladies, so there's that. And then there's this. 😄#
Meanwhile I'm doing some interesting work, and have a nice roadmap of projects each of which should take about a week. Summer is good in the mountains. Eating well, exercising, breathing clean air. #

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