It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday July 14, 2020; 10:20 AM EDT
  • I just gave $100 to Project Lincoln.#
  • By this point in 2016 I had already given the max to HRC, but her ads always disappointed me. No inspiration. Seemed machine-designed to hit the demographics. #
  • Project Lincoln so far has been great entertainment. Good for base-rallying. They can't really get into inspiring visions, given that they are Republicans and won't be in power if the ads work. #
  • We will have a government problem when Biden wins. His vision will largely be undetermined, it seems to me. And I expect it'll drift. And they've done nothing to organize the post-inauguration campaign. #
  • So far no political campaign has managed to retain power by keeping the flow of ideas going out 365 days a year, every year, not just once every four. #
  • Closest has been Trump, but he just has the Twitter account, and there's no imagination to what he says, no inspiration, no ideas, other than pointing to what he's going to destroy next. Talking points from Moscow. I'm not kidding.#
  • There's a vacuum here, still. An online organizing system that wasn't just about raising money, rather building support and keeping it organized all the time#
  • PS: I think they should change their name to Project Lincoln. Because that's their Twitter handle that's how my mind thinks of them at a sub-conscious level. When I see them say it the other way around on their website it burns some braincells. #

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