It's even worse than it appears.
Podcast: The virus makes us smarter. That's part 1. How will journalism change as a result of the virus, is part 2. Approx 20 minutes. #
Steve Inskeep seems like such an affable fellow on NPR, but he's a bit of a snob on Twitter. Platform is a real concept. Yes he has one, even if he thinks it's just a "buzz phrase" that's "oft-parroted" (his phrasing). It's bad enough the AG lies about important things, the problem is squared when a supposed neutral news org lets him do it without correction. #
I like to ask questions like this: "In a sane world, X would be Y." I'm not saying I have a plan to turn X into Y, just that it would be ideal if X were Y. It pays to know what success looks like, that way if it ever shows up by chance, you know immediately to say yes. (Example, in a sane world Fauci would be president.) #
We have to change how we think of Trump. He’s the enemy and he’s president. If you can’t resolve that apparent contradiction, the half to give up on is that he’s president.#
When you hear someone call Trump "the president" -- change that to "the enemy." What they said will make more sense.#
David Rothkopf: "If you've lost a job, the people to blame are easy to find. They're not wearing masks."#
I took three pictures of the beer section at a local supermarket. I uploaded the pictures at full resolution so you can get a good look. I'm determined to find the most invigorating beer for summer consumption. I've discovered I like beer. This is a new thing for me. If you see a favorite let me know. #
  • Okay stupid question -- who does?#
  • You do. You evaluate his actions against what a president would do, and you know he's not a president.#
  • He's trying to kill huge numbers of Americans. Teachers and children. And make even more live with disabilities, in great pain, for who knows how long. #
  • Look up crimes against humanity -- that's what it is.#
    • Crimes against humanity are certain acts that are purposely committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian or an identifiable part of a civilian population.#
  • There isn't a more heinous crime.#

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