It's even worse than it appears.
Today's song: The Deadbeat Club.#
R. Crumb: Was I now a "spokesman" for the hippies or what?#
I'm working on a new version of BingeWorthy. Solved what I believe is the biggest problem the previous version had, and the second biggest problem too. 💥#
As disgusting as this is, it's a distraction. His storm troopers can kill a few people. The virus will kill many thousands, very soon. It's running uncontrolled through the population. This is what Trump does so well, change the subject.#
Reading about the interview with the governor of Missouri, I think everything else is a distraction including the storm troopers in Portland. I hadn't thought of this before, but it's time to raise an issue with the World Court, in preparation for (we hope) trials for crimes against humanity. That's the scale we're operating at right now. We need to fight the pandemic. Our government is using it as a weapon against the people. #
I wish the news industry would solve its distribution problem so I can read any article I want to, without having to subscribe to the publication it came from. The users all know this problem exists. We've got your money in our pockets. Come get it.#
I'll be following the ISOJ conference on and off during the day. It's online only this year. Last year I spoke in person in Austin. Here's a search on this blog for ISOJ.#
An incredible heart-wrenching save my life story. #
  • On Twitter a meme. #
  • List five famous people you've met or been in the presence of. #
  • One must be a lie. The question for the reader is -- which one is the lie?#
    • John Lennon#
    • Timothy Leary#
    • Frank Zappa#
    • Albert Shanker#
    • Howard Dean#

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