It's even worse than it appears.
Do you wear a mask with a slogan or image? If so, what do you wear? Include a picture if you can. ;-) What's the best mask you've seen? Maybe the national mask should have an American flag on one side and #BLM on the other. Redefine unity as including all Americans. And let's win this together. Love America. All of America.#
American exceptionalism was our preexisting condition. Very well-put. We were accustomed to bringing chaos to foreign lands, but the combination of Covid and Trump brought the war home. We thought we were immune. Above it all. Exceptional. Why else would we have the chutzpah to elect a gross and obvious incompetent as president. We're lucky it was just Covid-19 and not Eboloa, we'd all be dead by now if that happened during Trump. #
Good morning sports fans! The so-called baseball season starts today with a game in DC between the Nationals and the Yankees. Dr Fauci throws out the first pitch. #
I love the look on Randy Rainbow's face when the subject turns to Ivanka. He finds some redeeming qualities in the other women in TrumpWorld, but definitely not Ivanka. #
Good progress on the new BingeWorthy. The big difference in this version is that you can submit programs, no need to go through me. How it works. Find the page for the show on Metacritic. Choose the Submit a program command from the Main menu. Enter the URL of the page. The server reads the file on Metacritic, extracts the Facebook and Twitter metadata from the page, using the title in our database. I just want to be sure it's a real program, keep out the spam. I have some ideas for new UI's. But the main goal, as before, is to learn about worthwhile streaming programs. #
Trump is such a fool. Trying to invent a domestic enemy, but we already have one, killing 1000 of us every day. And itโ€™s his job to fight the virus. Instead he attacks moms and blames Black people.#
On Maddow last night, a virologist interviewed. The biggest mistake the US made is not going into total lockdown. We should still do it. Travel should be stopped until the rest of the country catches up with NY metro area. We will get re-infected if they don't.#

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