It's even worse than it appears.
President Obama eulogizes John Lewis. #
Trump proposed to postpone the election. At first I was shocked. Then when I took a few deep breaths I realized, yes, of course, today's when the second quarter numbers for the economy came out. A bad quarter is when the economy only grows by 2 percent. This quarter the economy shrank by 33 percent. That's without precedent. We're in a depression now, unlike anything ever seen in the US. Even with all we know now about macroeconomics, there's no way out of this situation until we get the virus under control, and the government shows no interest in doing that. Trump is a distraction. The real story is the hole we're in. #
A sci-fi terror comedy. A virus infects the human race. Everyone gets it but children don’t get sick or die. Adults die very quickly. ~100%. Adults must avoid children at all costs. Hilarity ensues as the kids figure it out and start making demands. #
Herman Cain died of Covid. There was a report just yesterday, via a staffer, saying he was okay, just staying in the hospital for a few days to strengthen his lungs. I thought it was probably not true. A man that age, hospitalized that long, a good outcome was not likely. He was a CEO, not the brightest, but a salesman. It seems he must have gotten the virus at Trump's Tulsa rally. He's the first political personality to die, of his stature, that I know of, Republican or Democrat. We're probably still waiting for the Rock Hudson of Covid. The one that wakes most people up to realize holy shit this can come for me too.#
I usually give products in-development codenames of cities or states. Like Iowa, Fargo, Concord. Sometimes it ends up being the product name. But recently I've been choosing weirder names. For example, one version of an app was Frankenstein. Why? Because that's how it felt. Next one was called Turd Villa. I have no idea how that came into my head, but it makes me laugh, so I keep it. I love seeing the name in the title bar of my browser. Turd Villa. I'm sure there is no place with that name, anywhere in the universe. #
Om says to write as you think. I totally agree, but I'd add this: Then edit. When I speak I use extra words as I plot my way through the idea, uncertain of which way I'll go at any step. After writing a first version from the speech in my head, I tighten it, remove unnecessary detours, and flourish, the equivalent of spoken umms. #
Remove phrases like "a lot of" and words like "very." They don't add anything. The writing is tighter without them. Unless somehow it's very important to communicate the very-ness of some idea. #
I got me a Wisconsin cap. I wanted to wear my school's colors, and then I realized wow it's red, I wonder if people will be confused??#

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