It's even worse than it appears.
BTW there is an RSS version of the nightly email. Not sure how well it will display in most readers, it has CSS that depends on definitions they won't have. Probably could fix it up if anyone is actually reading this way. #
Our epitaph: We could imagine, then create, a world that we couldn't manage. That's what I think when I hear that Kushner didn't care if massive numbers of people in blue states died from the virus. That's a form of genocide. We couldn't protect ourselves from this. #
One of the founders of the wicked Federalist Society says Trump has gone too far, and is sort of calling for his impeachment and removal. The Repubs might want to, now, take a risk they might be punished for crossing Trump, and earn the loyalty of Americans who are not insane and want to live. If not loyalty, perhaps a bit of forgiveness. A tiny bit. A miniscule, infitesmal bit. Okay maybe they won't be tried for crimes against humanity along with Trump.#
The new Nike ad is, I hear, a marvel in video editing. It is a very nice ad, but it's depraved. The last thing we need now is more sports. They're all going to get the virus. This ad will be looked back on in despair. That said, I enjoy watching the Mets games so far. Very relaxing. I could almost believe they won't all get sick and some of them will get very sick and some will probably die. We must learn to take the virus seriously. I'd like to see a marvel of a Nike ad that said that. #
June 14: Perhaps it should be illegal for a company to own both a search engine and a web browser, esp if they dominate. They might try to take full possession of something that belongs to the public.#

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