It's even worse than it appears.
Today's song: Summer Breeze. A boomer fave. #
The Freedom Cafe has the perfect policy for people who prefer not to wear masks. "We encourage employees to wash their hands after using the bathroom, but understand that some people may be allergic to certain soaps or may simply prefer not to wash their hands. It is not our place to tell them what to do." There's more. Must-read. #
How bizarre that in 2020 the president is brokering a deal for Microsoft to buy TikTok? So many questions. What's his cut. Did Microsoft agree to limit criticism of Trump on the new TikTok. How does the US government control it vs China. How bizarre that the Great Firewall appears to be going up in the US? Will loyalty to Trump be part of the terms of service for a US-owned TikTok? I can't imagine China would object. #
Rebecca MacKinnon, who I trust, said: "Microsoft’s President Brad Smith once called the NSA an “advanced persistent threat.” Microsoft is also in the Global Network Initiative, whose company members commit to push back against unlawful government demands. They’re not a pliant Trumptool."#
Here's an idea. To qualify for president you have to pass a basic test in statistics. It's not enough to pass a test for dementia. Also, you can't pay someone else to take the test for you. #
I just got confirmation from GitHub that my stuff is part of their Arctic Vault program. That's really cool. Thanks GitHub. 💥#
Baseball is headed for a catastrophe like the nursing homes in March and April. A preview of what will happen as the schools open. It can't end well. And while kids may not get immediately sick, who knows what the virus does a year or two after you first get infected? Or thirty or forty years. These are kids, they'll be around to find out. We should be thinking long term for them. And the teachers. What will protect them? #
Time for a new motto? This can't end well.#
BTW, welcome to August!#
Every month I archive the OPML source for the previous month, including all the metadata, to a public GitHub repository, so you can see how the data flows. There are lots of conventions in the form of attributes on OPML <outline> elements. This is the data that Old School uses to render the HTML you see on the web. At some point when the dust clears from my other projects, I'll hook up LO2 outlines to Old School in some fashion. They're already pretty close, kind of the way San Francisco and Marin County were almost connected before a bridge was added. #

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