It's even worse than it appears.
Podcast: Second impressions of Clubhouse. 8 minutes.#
Poll: If you were a NYC school teacher would you feel safe starting school in a few weeks?#
Here's a wicked idea. Let Trump put himself on Mt Rushmore. Hopefully to be announced before the election, hopefully with great fanfare. That would get all the Democrats to turn out, and quite a few Republicans, now they can clearly see where Trump is going.#
Patti Smith's tribute to Jerry Garcia, who died 25 years ago. #
I just gave $100 to Joe Biden. #
It doesn’t matter to me personally who Biden picks, that said, the best choice imho is Gov Whitmer of Michigan. Mainly because I think she'd be a good president. She’s been tested in Michigan. I was impressed with this interview, in April, at the height of the tensions in Michigan re their lockdown. #
I need a backlit keyboard because I write at night and the room where I work is pretty dark. I like it that way. I have a Logitech keyboard which I like, but the keys are getting sticky, and it's blowing my concentration. I spend so much time at the keyboard. The keyboard should be transparent, I should never have to think about it while writing. As I look on Amazon there aren't many keyboards that are illuminated, at least from companies I've heard of, and the prices are suspiciously low. I would buy one from Apple if they had one. The model that I have now has been discontinued, it seems.#
  • From a thread on Facebook.#
    • My two cents on Kamala Harris and baggage.#
    • She has the worst kind of baggage. She's already tried to humiliate Biden, unfairly, in public. It didn't work. My experience in life is if you let something like that go, they do it again and again. The relationship is over. She took a calculated risk and it didn't work. That's the way business and politics work. You don't often get do-overs. #
    • She can run for president again, maybe she'll win, but it would be a sign of weakness and ignorance, even naiveté for Biden to choose her. There are so many other possibilities. #
    • He may just have to weather the nonsense from Harris supporters, and there are many and they are vocal, and pushy (not her, her supporters, some of whom I consider friends), and then we can tell the people who are trying to raise hell that they're playing with our lives and their own lives, and they should just let it rest. #
    • That said, she's also from California, which won't get you a lot of votes in Iowa or Wisconsin.#

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