It's even worse than it appears.
Poll: How are you doing in this great recession?#
A podcast on flat discussion groups on the net. Mail lists, Facebook groups, GitHub threads, Clubhouse chatrooms. People in these flat structures always behave the same way over time. After 40 years of being part of online groups, I see there are no new tricks in the human species, these things always evolve the same way. That's what this podcast is about. Might be a chapter in a book someday. #
Today's song: My wife. #
Over the years I've resisted characterizing the Trump voter because I was pretty sure it was more than racism, because we're all racist. It takes a special kind of racism to act on it the way they do. I think it's best described as white supremacy. All kinds of things freak them out but the one that they can't live with is equality for "others." Strips their gears. Not negotiable. They'll tear the country down before they let that happen. As long as all they have to do is vote. They're not very strong, and as soon as hard times really hits them they'll crumble. They've lived sheltered lives for generations, feel entitled.#
I updated the BingeWorthy Howto, and changed the Docs link in the app to point to it. #
The rssCloud home page needed a lot of fixing. #
Law & Order is famous for great ending scenes. Adam Schiff and McCoy getting on an elevator. The defendant got 10 years. Harsh sentence says McCoy. When he gets out he'll be 35, says Schiff. I'd trade places with him in a heartbeat. (Paraphrasing.)#
I watched a total of five minutes of the RNC. I hate being lied to. I don't even like it when people inadvertently get the facts wrong. But geez these people aren't even trying to be truthful. Let's do something constructive instead.#
Watching Brian Stelter on Ari Melber last night. They understated damage done by Fox News lies about Covid. Not only did it kill Fox watchers, it also hurt people who never watched Fox, because it formed US policy, which we are all subject to.#
Pixel 4a camera takes photos like paintings. Look at the sky.#

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