It's even worse than it appears.
Trump has found a formula for success. 1. Wait for cop violence against black man. 2. Protests follow. 3. Trump shooters show up at protests. 4. People die. 5. Repubs say: Cities on fire! 6. Repeat. Not sure what the antidote is, or if there is one.#
An idea! Everywhere across the country on one day, we all walk to our polling places. Singing happy American songs. We shall overcome. Wearing masks of course. Dress rehearsal for Election Day. At your local polling place, you ring a bell and salute the American flag, and go home. We all take turns. Then on Election Day itself we all know where to go, and we have it in our minds. You can still vote by mail if you want, assuming you trust it. We should make Election Day as much anticipated as any holiday. It wouldn't take a long time, but it would give every local TV station a place to send their cameras. The famous suburban parents with their kids on bikes and singing. Republicans too. Everyone join in. This is America. Doc Rivers. That would make it clear to everyone what's going on. Your country needs you now. It's important. #
2019: "It would be great if we could make voting a party, a celebration, something to look forward to, not something you have to make time for. That would probably do more to improve the lives of all Americans than any other single thing. It's like the SuperBowl, the NBA Finals, Coachella or the Oscars, only better -- because we are the stars."#
Dan MacTough sent a note last night saying he had listened to the podcast I published on June 1. He had an automatic transcript made. It's the story of how Frontier was developed between 1988 and 1990. I had two years to get back into fulltime programming after selling Living Videotext to Symantec. It was totally an iterative process, I didn't know where I was going to end up. Started by building components, then puzzled out how to integrate them. It's the way I've always developed, before and since. Made for an interesting but somewhat exhausting read. I had forgotten the details, for the last 30 years I've been using the software. It's taken us to interesting places, blogging, podcasting, XML-RPC, RSS, etc. Lots of food for thought. 💥#
I just gave $100 to Joe Biden, and bought two bumper stickers and two lawn signs. #
Poll: Do you know any undecided voters?#

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