It's even worse than it appears.
Wednesday September 2, 2020; 10:56 AM EDT
  • We have this bug in our national psyche.#
  • We think if it hasn't been proven that our government is an outpost of Putin's government then we can pretend everything is as it always was. And when it is proven again (as it has been many times) we forget that and keep snapping back to believing it hasn't yet been proven. If you watch the news with a scientist's notebook, you'd see that happens often, sometimes within one installment of The Situation Room or even the esteemed Rachel Maddow. #
  • If you ever get confused, just look at this picture.#
  • Moe, Larry and Curly in the Oval Office. #
  • PS: I remember being at a huge tech conference in Copenhagen, listening to the European reps of American companies, and thinking even though we're an ocean and a continent away from Silicon Valley, this place, in this area, still revolves around Gates, Jobs, McNealy and Ellison. That's what the great United States is to the humiliatingly small Russa. The only advantage they have is the will to use our open system to control us. We might have done that to them first, they were weak enough, when George W Bush was president, even at the beginning of the Obama Administration, but we had the hubris to believe we had won the Cold War. A wise friend once told me if you see the corpse of your enemy along the side of the road, put another bullet in his heart, just to be sure. #

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