It's even worse than it appears.
Wednesday September 2, 2020; 11:47 AM EDT
  • I have a new macros feature in Old School, the Node app I use to build the pages out of the outline I use to edit this blog. Every blogging system needs macros. We had them in Manila and Radio UserLand. I probably had them in AutoWeb and Clay Basket too. I haven't put them in Old School, wanting to wait to see how the software evolved without them#
  • Old School already has a glossary. You give it a string and a value that is substituted when the string occurs in the text. Today's machines are infinitely fast at that kind of thing, so it's not a burden to make the list of substitutions longer. It makes linking easier, and more consistent. Here's the OPML source for the glossary I maintain. #
  • But what happens when you want to link to a search for a term on this blog. Like here are all the references on for Dr Nick. Not something I'd likely put in the glossary because it's not a term I'd use a lot in my writing. But product names like Old School are a good candidate for glossarification.#
  • This is the syntax: [%search: Dr Nick%]. #
  • Right now I'm the only one who can use it. ;-) #

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