It's even worse than it appears.
Monday September 7, 2020; 12:07 PM EDT
  • The bad thing about all the open corruption in the Trump admin, is they aren't all as sick and crazy and Trump, and know if they leave office, without Trump or someone worse in charge, they will go to jail. So they're going to fight like hell to keep him in office.#
  • Also if you accept the premise that they're also hell-bent on building a fascist reich, and I do, the virus is a powerful ally that Hitler never had. Hitler had to wait to start exterminating his enemies until he had absolute power locked down. Trump doesn't have to.#
  • He can target death by cutting off funding strategically, by geography, economic status, age, race, or forcing people to do things that will expose them to the virus. They're already doing it, for example forcing schools to open. That translates into death and disease, as you know.#

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