It's even worse than it appears.
Thursday September 10, 2020; 7:06 PM EDT
  • I've known Nick Arnett since he was a tech industry analyst in the 80s when I was the CEO of a software company. Since then, he has re-invented himself many times, always in public service. These days he's a California fire-fighter, working on the front lines. He posted the following on Facebook. I'm reposting it here with permission. #
    • I’m starting to hear conspiracy theories about the fires. Although I understand the appeal to the part of our brains that longs to believe someone has control, they are still quite disturbing. Today, I heard that people believe this is all intentional, intended to destroy rural America. I can’t help but think this puts us far closer to civil unrest or war than I’d ever have imagined possible.#
    • Equally scary is how entrenched the beliefs are, even though we know that the rumors are conspiracy theories promoted and encouraged by enemies who wish to bring about our downfall. They are succeeding, again far more than I would ever have imagined possible.#
    • I’m not sure there are big solutions. I am certain of the truth and power of my favorite words from Mother Theresa: Do small things with great love. #
    • Voting is a small thing for each of us. Do it based on what you love, rather than what you oppose.#

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