It's even worse than it appears.
Today's song: Pressure Drop. #
We have normalized 1000 preventable deaths a day. Not just Trump and his followers, everyone.#
I went out to lunch yesterday. First restaurant meal since March. Lovely outdoor restaurant in Woodstock. I gather lots of other people were out for the first time too. But, maskless people were hugging all over the place. Hard to fathom. People my age, high risk people.#
Sylvia Paull, among the first people to comment on this blog starting in 1994, says: "Totally agree with you on Woodward. A journalist’s prime responsibility is to inform and by inference protect the public. Woodward had access to information that could have saved lives. Instead, his silence makes him as culpable of these hundreds of thousands of deaths as is the president and his gang. #
When I was a kid, still in elementary school, my parents bought a new car. A Pontiac Catalina, perhaps. One year I was given the job of rotating the tires, something you do to even-out the wear. I had to look deep into the trunk, and I could see way in the back, a cutout in the panel under the rear window that had a speaker, and a pair of wires disconnected from the speaker. At the time a rear speaker was a high-value luxury feature, esp for kids who sat in the back seat. I hooked the wires up and asked my father to come out and turn the car and the radio on. The speaker worked. My parents, buying the car, had not opted to pay for the rear speaker, but I guessed that it was cheaper for the manufacturer to put the speaker in every car, and only hook it up if you paid for it. Never forgot that, it still influences my software design to this day. #
In JavaScript you can initialize an array with [] or new Array (). I generally use the latter, because it's easier on my old eyes. It's hard to see the difference between {} and [], however it's very easy to see the difference between new Object () and new Array (). I consider ease for the programmer to be very very very important. I hardly ever use the word very, btw. :-)#
  • I posted this a year ago on Facebook. It was a good idea then, but it hasn't aged well. I guess Trump curdled, or the divisiveness is now locked-in. At this point I don't care about saving Trump acolytes. They're going to have to figure it out on their own. #
  • Trump is a TV show. If you want to get rid of 10 or more percent in his following, program a Trump TV show every night that isn't news, it's actors in a soap opera, playing the roles of people in Trump's White House. We hang out with him during Oval Office tantrums, and during pajama time in the morning with Fox and Friends, and watching TiVo of Rachel Maddow at lunch time. If this gets too boring, or for premium access, have him masturbating. His fans just want to be at home with Trump. Give them what Trump won't. Change the conversation from one about Trump that he controls to one that is focused on his boredom, sloth, immaturity, depravity, bad hygiene (false teeth), criminal behavior and shitloads of lying. Introduce new characters, like his cardiologist.#

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