It's even worse than it appears.
We're fast evolving into the world of Idiocracy. In addition to Contagion, it's the one movie everyone should see. Also the Matrix. #
Here's what being called sir feels like to me. You see someone who you think you could be friends with because inside you're 19, and they call you sir, and you remember what it was like when you were them and you saw someone who looked like you look now.#
If we're going to get at-home testing, for real, hook it up to Kinsa, for a national Covid weather report. #
It's possible the easiest and quickest way to undo the Electoral College is for a bunch of people from blue states to relocate to low population red states. Elect Democratic legislatures and governors, and then ratify a constitutional amendment that eliminates the Electoral College. Then everyone can move where ever they like, since all votes will matter the same. Now with remote work being more acceptable, and the cost of living generally lower in the low population states, why not relocate? It's a relatively simple hack, and the red state people can't do it to blue states. Heh. #
Here's a list of states ranked by population. #
Yesterday I was out and about doing errands, and instead of wearing my usual blue Mets cap, I was wearing my red Wisconsin hat. It has a big W on the front, and on the back it says Badgers. I was getting some dirty looks, and at one place a woman commented that I shouldn't wear that hat because people might not understand. #

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