It's even worse than it appears.
Not wearing a mask in public is like wearing no pants and taking a crap where you stand. Freedom is great. #
I asked on Twitter: If you decide to leave Substack can you take your subscriber list with you, or do they own that? And the answer is yes, you can export your subscriber list as a CSV file. So I wonder why people would stay with Substack after they get a certain amount of income. They get 10% for doing something that doesn't cost very much. If they're making say $1000 a year off your mail list, why not take distribution in-house? That's a straight question. I want to understand how the business works. Thanks. #
  • It's interesting that McConnell is betting on a few things that seem contrary to the worst that we believe about where we're headed. #
    • He thinks there's a good chance Repubs will be out of power in January. Either he'll be out of the majority in the Senate or Trump won't be president. Otherwise why rush to get the next judge approved? #
    • He thinks the Supreme Court continues to matter after the election. If we're going totally authoritarian, the court doesn't matter, they're puppets. They'll do what they're told to do or off to the concentration camps with them. #
  • But there's the Occam's view of this that maybe makes more sense. #
  • McConnell is 78, an old man, and he's got maybe one more term in him, maybe not even that. He's playing a game for the sake of the game, the same way a compulsive crossword puzzler has to finish the Sunday NYT puzzle. #
  • He set out to do one thing in his life, turn the court Republican. It may not matter at that point, in any real sense, but he wants to win the game, a game that as soon as a few months from now people will have forgotten was ever played. #
  • PS: As observed yesterday, he's driving turnout, for Democrats. #
  • Posted on Facebook on this day in 2014.#
  • From the last episode of The Roosevelts, a friend explains that when Eleanor Roosevelt was touring, when she'd meet someone who wanted to tell her how she had helped them, she didn't show interest, she just rushed on to the next thing. Why? She didn't have time for that. She's busy doing stuff. #
  • I feel the same way when people say they respect me for work I did ten or twenty years ago. I only care about that to the extent that it means it might be a little easier for me to do the next thing I want to do. Ironically, it works exactly the opposite way. The more people feel your accomplishments are in the past, the less they let you do now. (My philosophy is to do it anyway.)#
  • The same thing happened to her uncle, President Theodore Roosevelt. He left office at 50, desperately wanted to stay involved, but couldn't find a way to do it. This is the guy who built the Panama Canal. When the US finally got into WWI, he tried to enlist, but President Wilson wouldn't let him. Instead he sent his four sons off to fight in the war, while he stayed home. To him this must have been torture. He died at 60, I assume because there was nothing for him to do. #
  • ER said the same thing, as long as there were still things to do, as long as her life had a purpose, she wanted to keep living. As soon as their stopped being a purpose, she wanted to die, and she did.#
  • My stuff is coming together in ways I only dreamed about in the past. I have no time to think about what happened in the past, except in ways it makes me wiser about things I do now and in the future, and if it makes people more open to the idea that I might be doing something of significance.#
One of my DIY Biden/Harris/2020 lawn signs. #

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