It's even worse than it appears.
Saturday September 26, 2020; 1:05 PM EDT
  • Here's something.#
  • I think a lot of people are trying to get past Covid and Trump without making radical changes to their lives.#
  • This is a mistake. #
  • A friend asked what could he do to combat fascism. This is it. Do something to radically shake up your life, by choice.#
  • Each of us are trying to reboot as if taking a box, without changing its shape, and moving it across the world. #
  • It's all going to change. If we emerge from these days, the world will be very different. We have to be different too. We have to be prepared for it.#
  • At some point you have to ask was the shape really the right shape, and what would I give up by changing. #
  • Radical change. Quit your job. Give your car away. Jump out of a plane. Get a sex change. Destroy your business model. Say something unthinkable. Whatever it takes.#
  • I'm reminded of a talk by Bruce Sterling that I keep coming back to. When something radical changes in your life, that's a good time to make other big changes. Death of a parent or spouse. Stock market crash. Major illness. Divorce. A time when you start over. When you have to start over. No choice. #
  • Now, we all have been through that. We've had a major change not just on an individual basis, but on a global scale. Global. Everyone changed. So we can do it. We can change our lives radically. Trump demands it. Covid demands it. The climate crisis demands it.#
  • Your sense of what's normal is worth $0.24. You might find that much money on a sidewalk. I know this because I buried both my parents, and I know how much they thought their opinion mattered, and I know the truth. In the end, what they thought was worth about $0.24, approx.#
  • So fuck it. Destroy your business model. Start over. #
  • Once you've made such a change, you'll find you want to make others.#

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