It's even worse than it appears.
Poll: Did you pay more taxes than Trump?#
There's some good news about Covid-19 that you don't see in the news -- eventually it will become less deadly. Most viruses in that family do, the virus mutates, and a strain that kills fewer victims comes to dominate, and that process repeats. The virus spreads out to find new victims and over time it weakens. The 1918 pandemic ended after two years, with no vaccine, but the virus didn't go away, it became seasonal. It still pops up, to this day, but it's nowhere near the problem it was in 1918. That will probably happen with Covid-19 too. #
I haven't been in Clubhouse in a couple of weeks. I've been lurking a bit the last few hours. People talk like they're in therapy, and they're the therapist. Or like they're in the United Nations and they're from a small country, afraid they're going to start a war. Everyone is very cautions, non-committal. #
I just gave $25 to Jaime Harrison because Lindsey Graham is a kook. I think he's crazy. I think he's unfit for office. #
Must-listen NYT podcast about climate-crisis migration in the US.#
I don’t understand why people say this Supreme Court nomination is the end of everything. The Repubs now have a 5-3 advantage. Is 6-3 so different? Our big immediate crisis is how we turn the corner on the Nov 3 election, coupled with the ongoing Covid catastrophe.#
It’s the bottom of the ninth. Other team is up. Two out. You have a one run lead. Bases loaded. The only runner that matters is the one on third. The guy on first is trying to get you to pick him off. Don’t fall for it.#
Trump found something to do while the virus rages.#

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