It's even worse than it appears.
Trump getting sick saves lives.#
Short podcast about why Trump getting the virus is good.#
This is our country. In order to get out of the mess, we have to start thinking and acting like we're the owners of the United States. And by we I mean the weirdos, immigrants, people of color, people who read books, listen to other people. Have hope, give a shit. #
There is precedent for a president getting a deadly virus. Woodrow Wilson got the Spanish Flu in 1919. "He became ill at a decisive moment, making the virus an insidious actor in one of the twentieth century’s most consequential episodes of great-power diplomacy." #
Dan Conover, on Facebook: "Trump is a sort of televised strong-man, superhero avatar for many of his supporters. The core of that support is White Evangelical Christians, most of whom literally believe that Trump was directly anointed by God to lead the nation four years ago." #
When people said it was virtually certain that the new Supreme Court justice would be confirmed, you have to question it, because now it's anything but certain. All it took was for the White House to get infected. It's a central node in the US government. Seems likely its infection spreads to Congress and even the Court. Hard to imagine orderly business taking place in DC for a while, but who knows. Can't wait to hear what Mitch McConnell has to say, and if he was exposed. #
I'm linking more to CNN stories than most other pubs. Not too many ads, no paywall. And a decent rep re linkrot. I also like Axios but they haven't been around long enough to know about linkrot. #
  • Some of us, privately, will tell our friends that we're glad that Trump got the virus. He was living far more dangerously than he should have. It was amazing that he stayed uninfected this long. #
  • I'm ten years younger than him, I exercise every day, and I limit my interactions with other people drastically. Last week I went out to lunch with a small group of friends, outside. I've done that a few times since March, mostly in the last month. I also have serious pre-existing conditions that make me more vulnerable. My life is dramatically altered since we all went into hiding earlier this year. If I consider myself lucky to be virus-free so far, then Trump is blessed beyond belief that he got away with what he was doing for so long.#
  • Meanwhile the virus rages through the United States, and he's responsible for that, and all the misery that comes from it. So yeah, it's good that he got it. If he survives, perhaps he'll do something to help, at least he won't be able to do more harm. If he doesn't survive, may he rest in peace -- and at the same time, good riddance. #
  • Get over the impulse to cut him slack here. This is not a time for that, especially with the election so close. This is our last chance to get rid of Trump. Stay focused on that. Is this event a positive for that? I'm not certain about many things but I am certain about this. Yes it is.#
  • It's totally okay to judge Trump. That's what elections are all about. We're trained not to do it, esp when someone is sick. This is not the time for that. #

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