It's even worse than it appears.
Posted a braintrust query asking how people are migrating from request in Node after it has been deprecated. #
In a way, we are lucky Trump is so incompetent. In January, if he weren't insane and deaf he could have gotten his approval ratings to 90% simply by doing exactly what science said to do. He would be coasting to a landslide election at this point.#
Digital Ocean has really good docs, and they strive for simplicity, and they pull it off. Good performance and pricing too. I've migrated all of my network apps to DO. Started using their database platform a year ago, and it "just worked." I don't like all the jargon in the writeup of their new app platform, but it's probably pretty good. Glitch is here too, but I don't think "real" developers get that it'll be useful for them, but it is. The core idea is put your app on GitHub, connect it to a node on the host (Digital Ocean, Glitch, etc), and deploy changes by updating on GitHub. I expect Microsoft will be here too. Imagine a button on the repo that says Deploy (MS bought GitHub recently). We're about to see a huge simplification of writing apps for the net. There's no reason it can't be a lot easier. Note that AWS or Google aren't remotely here, their systems are labyrinthine, designed for the priesthood. #

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