It's even worse than it appears.
Recall how Trump stalked HRC in the town hall debate in 2016. It would have been esp sinister in 2020, with Trump's and his deadly virus. #
BTW, this time I tried to watch the debate, but gave up after a few minutes. Pence lies and spins. I find it insulting to be lied to that way. And then he talks over his limit, way over. Then you realize he's setting it up so that when he starts answering the question he was asked, it's already past the time limit, so the moderator keeps interrupting him with "Thank you Mr Vice President." Until finally he stops. At her request. That was enough for me. I heard about the fly on Twitter, and thought that was interesting. Probably the fly was a messenger from the alien robot spaceship parked in synchronous Earth orbit, relaying messages from the Home Planet to the robot Pence. Or a robot supplying a booster for Pence's adderall and steroids cocktail. Possibly Ruth Bader Ginsburg reincarnated as a fly? The mind drifts to other topics and there was a hellacious windstorm going on outside, so I quit early. 🚀#
Bottom-line: There's too much at stake right now. I need to keep my distance to keep my sanity.#
I have my eye on a new ultra-wide monitor. #
Yesterday's how to break up tech monopolies is getting a positive response. It's a good companion to the Google and HTTP faq. #

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