It's even worse than it appears.
Friday October 9, 2020; 11:11 AM EDT
  • The court at 6-3, if it gets to that, will be far out of sync with the people they're meant to govern. This has to be resolved somehow.#
  • The Constitution doesn't say what we should do, but it isn't up to the Dems, and I wish Harris had said that in the debate, it's up to the people.#
  • The people will demand it, as soon as it becomes apparent that the court as configured is going to reverse Roe v Wade.#
  • Further, if it is a huge win for Dems, they will be mandated to do something else. Change the Constitution so we have a democracy, not something that can be so easily hijacked.#
  • The press has a lot of gall trying to pin the Dems to "packing" the court. The press are citizens too, and voters, and have an interest in how the country works.#
  • They should ask themselves, before trying to make a controversy, in alliance with the Repubs, do they accept a 6-3 conservative majority?#
  • This circles back to Jay Rosen's View From Nowhere. Now is the time for the press to stop and think, am I in favor of the United States? That is not too big a conflict of interest to carry. Then you should be careful when you try to create controversy.#
  • Remember how the press set up the Hillary's Emails thing. Don't back us into a corner. We're going to have to reconfigure the court if the Repubs do what they plan to do.#
  • We will have to do it. President Biden will do it for us. Stop ignoring the people. We are the government. We really are. That will be more clear at the end of the year. #

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