It's even worse than it appears.
If you showed this video to anyone who didn't know who the people are, you'd conclude the man is either a robot (and not a good one), an alien, or crazy in some diabolical way.#
WordPress added a tweet-streaming feature, described in this TechCrunch article. I followed their directions, and published a thread, based on a post here. The post also exists on, so it elminates the need for a separate app that turns a thread into a post. Makes me wonder if Substack and Medium are going to add this feature. Also does WordPress support email bulletins?#
I object to the title of this podcast. "Why The Left is Losing on Abortion." Once again it's a horserace. Winning and losing. And the subject is wrong. I guess "The Left" is losing but really it's the people of the United States who are losing. This is a terrible disease in American discourse and until we train ourselves to stop ignoring ourselves and realize that we are the government, and insist that our journalists do the same, we will all keep losing, left, right, center, all of it. #
BTW, a Supreme Court justice is part of the government, and therefore governs, and since we are the government, the justice represents us. Who among us do Alito, Roberts, Kavanaugh, Thomas and Gorsach represent? Not me, not anyone I know. Probably not many Trump supporters either. So should we really be adding another one? This is the way journalism should be approaching this story, imho. But who am I. Just a voter, citizen, taxpayer. According to our rulers, insignificant. #
I was talking with a friend the other day, just rambling about software and how I'm not terribly focused and I'm kind of okay with that. They asked what would you like to work on if you had your way. No question about it -- outliners. We have lots of unfinished business. But it still remains a boutique category, and I'm not succeeding at getting my outliner to get enough use to get to critical mass. Other people, newcomers (from my point of view) have gained traction, like Roam and Workflowy. What I really want is to combine outlining and blogging (i.e. fluid online writing). Then I think we'd be inventing a new kind of communication on the net. I have lots of technology for that, but what I'm missing is users. This idea goes all the way back to the beginning of blogging in the mid-90s. Eventually we caved and made a blogging tool that worked the way people expected. I don't want to try to raise venture capital and start a company. I've done that before, and it just takes me away from what I love to do. It isn't my calling. And at my advanced age, there's no time for doing work that isn't what I'm meant to do. #
I have a couple of hours to kill today in Kingston, but it's pouring rain outside. In the old days I'd bring a laptop and hang out in Starbucks or the library. But now that we have Covid, I think I'm going to be listening to podcasts in my car. Oy. I'll have a nice latte of course from Starbucks. But I'm not going to hang out inside and risk getting killed. (Update: Better idea. I'm almost finished with Season 3 of Borgen. I think I'll download it on my iPhone and watch that. Blogging is amazing. Sometimes you figure stuff out.)#
I'd be impressed if the Democratic Party urged us to join a social network for voters, one that would continue to influence (both ways) after the election. From there, we could be informed of how to vote. And so much more. It would be as revolutionary as the Declaration of Independence. #
I need a new office chair but I don't want to spend $1000. #

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