It's even worse than it appears.
Wednesday October 14, 2020; 4:17 PM EDT
  • I have a theory why the Repubs are tanking in Georgia. #
  • At least a few Republican voters in Georgia are pissed off about voter suppression of blacks. It might not be the final straw for a majority of Repubs, but it probably is for some.#
  • This is based on something I learned in software in 1984. We shipped ThinkTank for the Mac in April. One of the first products to ship for the Mac. How did we do it so fast? We left out a lot of features, figuring we're getting a fresh start on the Mac. Nope.#
  • Everyone knew what ThinkTank could do on the Apple II and IBM PC, and they felt ripped off that the ThinkTank they bought for the Mac was less capable. We rushed out another version by the end of the year that came closer to matching what they expected.#
  • How does this apply to Georgia? #
  • Well the Repubs never thought how some of their supporters would feel about voter suppression. Sure there aren't many blacks who vote Republican, but some of the whites don't want to vote for a party that would do what they're doing.#
  • The thing to remember is that while Georgia didn't go for Obama, there were probably a fair number of Republicans who voted for him in Georgia in 2008 and 2012. People who had gotten over their fear of blacks enough to vote for one. The US is changing. As much as we emphasize that racism is still here, and it is -- we also had a black president for eight years. That is change. #
  • That, and people know more than you think they do. #

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