It's even worse than it appears.
Thursday October 15, 2020; 12:14 PM EDT
  • I finished Borgen last night. Three seasons, and I would love to watch the fourth season right now. As I do my work this morning, my mind keeps drifting back to how the last season ends. How the conflicts get resolved, and the questions that are left unanswered. Every character is about to embark on something new. But they got there by stretching themselves, taking a risk, and coming out okay. Not perfectly, they pretty much all got hurt, but in the end they more or less have a clean slate, lots of possibilities, and I wonder what's next. #
  • You end up loving them. They bare their souls to you. You see them weak, and dealing with it. To pull that off, in TV, is pretty amazing. And that all that comes through from reading titles in a Danish-language show. The characters at times switch into perfect British-accented English, mainly because they're doing something international. #
  • No spoilers, so I can't tell you the roles the various characters play, but I will say that this is sort of like the Danish equivalent of The West Wing, only more adult, and less schmaltzy. The writing is very good, but it's not Aaron Sorkin, and that's neither a plus or minus. #
  • They also have an English-dubbed version. I tried that at first, but the subtitles were for the Danish version, and there are differences. I prefer shows, even in English, that have subtitles. I think dubbing is generally cheesy, anyway.#
  • After finishing it, I went back to my BingeWorthy page and changed the rating from Loved to Best, the top rating. If you have the time, and can read titles, I would put this on my watchlist. #

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