It's even worse than it appears.
Just watched Moneyball on Netflix. I’ve seen it before and read the book, but it’s good to get a refresher. Everything, not just baseball, needs a fresh look, because we’ve been doing so much the same way we always have, without thought, not questioning out-of-date assumptions.#
I am usually interested in the MLB and NBA playoffs, but this year I practically ignored them. The reason, in retrospect, is that sports is all about the ritual, the continutity, the historic connection. Novelty feels wrong. For example, I still haven't gotten over the Designated Hitter Rule, and the three-point shot in basketball still seems like an innovation. I like sports because they connect to the past. I went to games as a kid with ancestors who are now gone. "What did the Mets do?" was the beginning of every kitchen table conversation in the house I grew up in. It was the default. To this day my brain says those words when it's idle. This season was a heroic effort for both sports, esp the NBA with its bubble, but the only heroism that gets me to pay attention to sport is what happens on the court and on the field. #
I am far more angry with journalism now than I am with Trump. At least Trump doesn’t claim to be saving democracy.#
I voted for a libtard. I hope that makes nazi wingnuts cry. #
I don't know what happens with my Nightly Email app if there's nothing on the blog for a day. Not wanting to find out, I posted this. 😄#
  • Repub says opponent X beats his wife.#
  • Reporter asks X "Do you beat your wife?"#
  • The viewer just remembers X beats his wife. #
  • There is a science to this. Linguistics. #
  • Shame so many reporters are either complicit, naive, ignorant, greedy, or Republican. #
Hello Republicans. #

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