It's even worse than it appears.
I added a note to my status outline with an update on my work on, which is getting a new name. #
I like promoting other people's products when they're good. I am unhappy when I see bad products promoted by people I respect. If I think a product is not good, unless I think people will be hurt by it, or if the badness can be fixed and the product would then be useful, I'll generally say nothing. #
When I was growing up, there was a purpose that even I, a kid, could understand. I think that's been missing ever since we got to the moon. Since then we haven't had a reason to be a country. #
Maybe there should be real debates on TV every week between leaders on issues that Congress is going to vote on. And a way of measuring public opinion. No personal attacks allowed. Strict control via Mute button. This week the debate would be about the merits of approving a new radical Supreme Court justice in the middle of an election when everyone's attention is focused elsewhere. Some actions are so important they deserve everyone's focus. #
New in Bingeworthy: Lovecraft Country and Queen's Gambit. #
I am so exhausted from US politics, this state going back to the summer of 2016. I made it through about 15 minutes of last night's debate before I couldn't stand it. All it took was one gaffe from Biden to shred all hope of a reprieve from this shitshow. Then I had a thought, what if Amazon released the new Borat movie a few hours early? Wouldn't that be great. So I looked. And they had! So I watched the first half, returned to the debate, which still was not over, and went back and watched a bit more, and returned to the debate just in time to hear the wrapup. Then I listened to Maddow's review of Trump's lies about Covid (the part I had heard) and I felt better so I went to bed. Only to wake up this morning and find that the feeling if utter misery was even worse. The election is 11 days from now. #
BTW, the new Borat movie is good. I laughed all the way. Out loud. #
  • Has anyone ever thought what happens when you lose control of the phone that is your second factor? #
  • So, how hard is it to hijack a phone?#
  • A few years back I had a phone hijacked via AT&T.#
  • I never got it back. But I was able to terminate the account. #

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