It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday November 10, 2020; 8:25 AM EST
  • A tyrant autocrat is elected POTUS because a lot of people voted for a third party candidate or thought the other candidate was a shoe-in so they didn't bother to vote at all. #
  • The people endured the four years, even though they suffered and many died, the country was looted and its government was dismantled.#
  • But! Once the four years was up they voted the tyrant out, replacing him with a solid ethical president and vice president. The citizens relaxed and partied and got back to their business of staying alive during a raging pandemic.#
  • But! While they weren't looking, the other party took over state legislatures. This was seen as a crafty foxy move because then they get to gerrymander House districts, which gave them an advantage that meant it was relatively easy for them to control the House. #
  • But! They were even more crafty and foxy. There was a little-known feature of the Constitution that meant that controlling state legislatures meant they controlled who was president.#
  • The current president, the tyrant, played golf, as he normally does. People relaxed. "See he doesn't have any nefarious plans!" said the citizens.#
  • More in the next installment. #

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