It's even worse than it appears.
Podcast: Why you're crazy not to use an outliner. It's just a tool, not a religion, or a cause, it has no mystical properties. It's just useful. Like you use a hammer for some things and a screwdriver for others. It's also easy to use. Text on rails. #
A new BingeWorthy page shows the 100 top-rated programs. No log-in. Has its own metadata, so when you see it on Twitter or Facebook, it announces itself in a reasonable way. This came up yesterday when a friend asked what they should binge next. I had my own recommendations ready to go, but I didn't have one for the whole community. You can help build BingeWorthy by helping spread the word about this page. Thanks! :-)#
An idea for an app the builds off Twitter. 1. Keep an online diary, real time, of shows you’re watching on Netflix, HBO, etc. 2. You can see a read out of what the people you follow are watching right now. 3. Later this can be built into TV sets.#
Try putting together a custom greeting card. A picture on the front. A sentence on the inside. A paragraph on the back. Send me 200, here's my credit card. All the sites are super powerful design tools with quirks and you can stare at the screen and not find any way to get to each of the elements. And they forget your font choice. And you have a funny feeling the thing you just edited is going on the back of the card not on the inside. Who wants to spend the money and time only to find that you created an unusable thing. I have a lot of experience as a web designer, so I can handle crazy complexity, but these sites have all beaten me. Every one of them. #
So here's a hypothetical question. I recall that as a boomer I am responsible for lots of stuff that's happening to people of later generations. Here's the question. Are they responsible for what's happening now?#

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