It's even worse than it appears.
Monday December 14, 2020; 12:37 PM EST
  • I got a new TV made by LG.#
  • Their user interface is a classic corporate historic disaster mess.#
  • What a piece of shit. In every way.#
  • The picture is very nice though. 🚀#
  • The software does all kinds of stuff I don't want it to do, automatically, like starting selecting programs for me to watch when I'm trying desperately to figure out how to tell it to show me the programs I'm trying to watch.#
  • The crazy thing about it is there aren't many things a person watching a TV wants to do.#
    • I want to choose between: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube TV and YouTube. Inside each site I already know their UIs. #
    • I need to go to settings, to change options for video, sound, captioning, turn off annoyances I don't want. #
    • I don't want to turn my life over to you by accepting legal agreements for the ability to do that, btw.#
  • This TV has Alexa built in, I thought maybe I could use that to control the TV, but no, it's used to control everything but the TV. #
  • Shovelware. That's what this thing is filled with. #
  • I paid $2000 plus tax for this, btw. #
  • I think the TCL/Roku combo is very good. #
  • I have a Roku stick which I have hooked into the TV and I can get there, but I'm not convinced that the apps in there have full access to the high resolution display. Who knows. #

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