It's even worse than it appears.
Congratulations. You survived 2020. So did I. We did it. #
Facebook is useful. Journalism is evil. This contrarian view is brought to you by open media. You will never hear these simple ideas on closed corporate media.#
The best podcasts are the ones with experts who simply share their expertise. So many podcasts begin with a long discussion about how everyone feels, with lots of chuckling and self-praise and inside jokes. No. One. Cares. The first time I noticed this was a podcast about The Americans, a great show that I loved, with cast members. That's cool. Talk about the characters you play. But I really don't care where you, the actor, grew up. Exceptions are obvious. If you're a Beatle, go ahead and talk about yourself. If you're Jack Nicholson or Meryl Streep, yes please. I would like to know what makes Joni Ernst tick. But most experts aren't interesting as people. Your audience is looking to learn something, so teach us. #
As was pointed out by Brian Dear on Twitter, it's now January 1, 2021, and I still haven't received a letter or email from the US government telling me how and when I'm going to get my Covid vaccine. As a user of Medicare, I am surprised they haven't yet sent me an email about this. This is actually the kind of thing they do at Medicare. #
The monthly ritual is done, and another year of the OPML archive is complete. The copyright notice at the bottom of each page now says 2021. #

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