It's even worse than it appears.
It shouldn't matter where a good idea comes from.#
I'm glad we have the audio of Trump trying to bully the Georgia secretary of state. As this is going on the country is botching the administration of the vaccine. And the states and cities are running out of money. And his "supporters" think this situation is fine. 🔥#
I wish the Washington Post would open source the audio. Upload it somewhere. The full conversation, not excerpts. This should be on the record, for all to hear, not behind a paywall. I'm not saying they should or have to, but this is history. We should get it all, right now. Everyone should hear it.#
Update: They put four minutes of the audio on YouTube. #
The president gets one vote, like everyone else.#
I said something in yesterday's post about podcasting that caused some understandable confusion. Here's what I said. "There are rules about this medium." I think that's true, not one rule for everyone at all times, but genres and practices, conventions. Any art has them, and then every artist breaks them. That's part of the art. Also only steal from the best -- another rule. Every artist steals. If there are rules for standards-makers, there must also be rules for podcasters, no? I don't claim that what I say are the rules. But there is one rule imho that art must follow, it must respect the observer, as a participant. If your art doesn't do that, I'm probably not going to like it. Doesn't mean I won't come back. Art is weird. If it isn't, it isn't art, imho. #

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