It's even worse than it appears.
Good morning sports fans. #
Trump is leading the Keystone Cops version of a military coup. Yesterday's speech was clearly a KK version of a coverup. All the tracks lead back to him, as usual he didn't even try to hide them. God help us if he were even slightly more competent and slightly less narcissistic. #
My big objection with the way journalists talk about Facebook is that it's so naive. The questions are much much much more complicated. Shutting off Facebook, which seems to be what journalism wants, would be as stupidly disruptive as turning off Wikipedia, or even the phone network -- or for that matter, all the daily newspapers. Facebook is that important for information flow in our society. It's not a joke. John Naughton wrote an excellent rant yesterday about how reporters had no idea how to cover something like the riot in DC on Wednesday. Well they don't know how to cover Facebook either. Yes it is used for some awful purposes, so is everything. We have a much bigger job to do today. One thing journalists could do to help is being more outgoing, inquisitive, and respond to direct statements like this one. We need to work together. #
Sidebars to JN: 1. I wish your blog had permalinks so I could point to individual items. 2. I like strong language. The people who run these platforms are not elected, it's true. Neither are the other gatekeepers, and it would suck, imho, if they were. When someone screams fire in a crowded movie theater, as Trump is doing, it's up to the management to do something about it. Nothing wrong with that. I like the title "creeps" -- it fits, because like the management of Exxon, the people who run Facebook spoil the resource they monetize, in this case the open web. #
Tommy Lasorda is gone. 93 years old. A good run. He was manager of the Dodgers back before I hated them. But I can't say I ever loved them. I had an experience at the World Series vs the Oakland A's where we scalped tickets that turned out to be in the Dodger's wives section. They tried to have us removed, because we were very vocally advocating for the A's. Of course, this was at the Oakland Coliseum. They argued with the cops that we would have been ejected at Dodgers Stadium. You see that's the problem with baseball these days. Decorum. It was never meant to be a respectful sport, imho. Anyway, I digress. Lasorda was a famous manager of a winning team "back in the day." Sigh. We're all getting old and soon we'll be dead. That's what it all means. Oh la. #
Another problem I have with the Dodgers is that my parents were Dodgers fans, back when they were in Brooklyn, and known as Da Bums. The name turns out to have fit, because one day they up and left Brooklyn. I understand the problem wasn't of their making, they were targeted by Robert Moses to be the team for his new stadium which turned out to be the stadium the Mets played in. And our family, before I was really aware of these things, switched allegiance to the Mets, who were called The Amazins, which was of course sarcastic. Which is fine, because as I said -- baseball is not a respectful sport. Even when it comes to your home team. 💥#
The ThinkTank ad that ran in the first issue of MacWorld. #

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