It's even worse than it appears.
Why banking interfaces suck. Confusion makes them money with overdraft fees, etc. Hadn't thought of that.#
So many people like to be stimulated by their own rage, they look for triggers. They may say they're tired of it, but if they really were, they could block the trolls.#
Suppose for the sake of argument that the election was rigged, a conspiracy between state governments, including Republican state governments, and journalism. Do you think their coverup could be so complete we'd never have hard proof of this conspiracy? Hard to imagine intelligent people believing that it could. And BTW, don't think they're not intelligent. There were a lot of very educated and successful people who attacked the Capitol last week. What's going on inside these people? Not asking a question of people who read this blog, just expressing bewilderment. At what point will their deep gullibility lose out to their experience and bullshit detection?#
What's wrong with the Repubs. Trump ordered an attack on them. They came pretty close to killing all of them. Maybe they're robots.#
Yes, the Trumps are being cancelled, and I don't care how you feel. #
Repubs are objecting to being scanned for weapons going onto the House floor. Should we conclude that they have been bringing weapons onto the floor? Why else would the Capitol police want to put a scanner there? Are they afraid of a hostage situation where the perp is a member of Congress? So many questions. If in the opinion of some reps, they are entitled to bring weapons onto the floor, is there a limit? Can they bring automatic weapons? Grenades? An automatic grenade launcher? How about a tank, could they bring a tank onto the floor of the House. I suppose that could come in handy. #
  • I am no longer listening to Republicans. What they say is not only twisted, it's designed to make me feel sympathy for them. I am by nature a sympathetic person. They are taking advantage of that. I have decided it's prudent to stop listening.#
  • Therefore, I would like to have an "intelligent" Twitter. #
    • Here's what it would do...#
      • I could tell it I don't want to see tweets from Republicans.#
        • And, as if by magic...#
          • Poof!#
            • The Republicans are gone!#
              • Imagine if we all did it. #
                • They really would be gone.#
  • Write a caption for this photo.#

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