It's even worse than it appears.
Inauguration fire. Hope you like it!#
Highly recommend today's Daily podcast. They interview Trump voters about the Capitol invasion/insurrection. Lots to think about. Here's what I'd like to tell people who support Trump and feel like invading the Capitol and killing people was kind of okay. We didn't like Trump. We protested. But no one invaded the Capitol and no one killed anyone because we didn't like the result of the election. Also, we do a really good job with elections in the US. The best in the world by some accounts. So if you say our election was bad, you'd better have some facts to back you up, or seriously shut the fuck up. What I've heard so far is totally lame. And if you think you're the good guys, well, it doesn't seem to me you are. It seems you're bullies. You think what the rest of us, the majority of us, think doesn't matter. You get your way even if you're the minority. That is un-American as hell.#
Yesterday I wrote about a "total turnkey home TV guest computer." I got an email from Guy Kawasaki who says you can do it for $1200, not including a computer. #
On this last full day of Trump's presidency, I am grappling with an inconsequential decision. CNN vs the Knicks. I can have one of them, but if I want both it'll cost me an extra $65 per month. If I felt strongly about either, or both, the decision would be easy. It's difficult only because I'm somewhat ambivalent about each. CNN is for mindless relaxation. I like watching Wolf Blitzer because he's so pompous. "This just in to the Situation Room," he likes to say, but of course it's a studio not a room, and nothing is "in" there. It's the most old and stuffy place. It's totally out. I find it relaxing the same way I used to find it relaxing to watch my grandmother knit, or my cat lick herself. I like watching Erin Burnett because (I know this is weird) I think she's hot. Esp when she's angry, and these days, she is very angry, a lot (at the same things we all are angry about btw). I also like CNN because they have better guests. But I could live without them. For 20+ years I never watched CNN. Then there are the Knicks. I've been a Knicks fan, on and off, for most of my life. I came back strong for Linsanity, and hated them for screwing that up, and then they fired Melo and Porzingas, well I kind of gave up for a while. The pandemic and the bubble made it seem illegit. But with a new coach this year, they're looking interestings, and they're competitive, and sometimes they win! I'd like a chance to watch, not sure I would actually watch. The sports news service Fubo doesn't have CNN, and YouTube TV has CNN but no Knicks. So I did a poll to find out what people thought. As I write this the consensus is to leave CNN and go with the Knicks. I think it's time for a more à la carte menu. Most of what's on either Fubo or YouTube TV doesn't interest me. Too many good choices on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, and podcasts are great these days too. #

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