It's even worse than it appears.
On Facebook, a friend, a doctor who cares for very sick people, says he loves his job. I said: I understand. A little over ten years ago, my father had an accident and it put him into a coma that lasted a month. He was intubated, and put in a ward where they parked people who were in various stages of vegetativeness. I spent a lot of time there, reading to him, watching out for him, and I got to know various people on staff in the hospital. I had thought these were some of the worst jobs in the world, but I got an impression that it was quite the opposite, so I checked it out, and they all said they loved their jobs. I had plenty of time to think, and I realized that in many jobs, esp the ones I have done, the way you help people can be kind of abstract, hard to visualize. But people who care for others as their job, see the result of their work every day, all the time.#
It's important that Biden fired a bunch of Trump loyalists on day one. Throw an elbow at the beginning. Probably have to throw a bunch more, setting the Repubs off screaming, and just let em do it. We've had a lot of practice w Trump. #
The Getting Shit Done Party: When you win the election and are inaugurated, that's when the fight really starts. And that's when the Democrats disengage with the electorate. Their big advantage, us, is neutralized just when they need us most. Like right now.#
A bunch of museums have made digital scans of their art available for re-use, but they always seem to make you download one image at a time. Sigh. This makes it very labor intensive to create applications that offer new ways to browse art collections. I want to make a nice screen saver, and display it on the big screen in my living room, for me and my guests (when we start having guests again). The latest to do this is the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. So I asked on Twitter if anyone had downloaded a large number of the paintings, and it turns out someone has! Thank goodness. Will report. #
If I were a Senator, I'd dress like Bernie. #

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